Darvin Kumar

Senior Software Engineer at Neosoft

Passionate about developing modern, accessible, scalable, and aesthetically pleasing web applications.


I am a passionate and seasoned professional with 6.5 years of experience in the dynamic world of web development. Specializing primarily as a Front-End Developer, I have honed my skills to create visually stunning and highly functional user interfaces. However, my journey in the tech realm doesn't stop thereā€”I proudly possess full-stack knowledge, making me a versatile asset in the ever-evolving landscape of web development.

Over the years, I have collaborated with diverse teams and projects, demonstrating not only technical prowess but also a knack for effective communication and problem-solving. My goal is not just to write code but to build solutions that make a meaningful impact on users and businesses alike.


Dec 2020 - Present
Sr. Software Engineer
  • Neosoft
  • As a versatile Full Stack Developer at Neosoft, I have successfully built, styled, and shipped high-quality web applications and extensions. My expertise spans both front-end and backend development, contributing to projects for esteemed clients such as EY, Vgroup Inc, Alsaree3, IIHT ebunch, and more. I provide leadership within the engineering department, promoting collaboration, sharing knowledge, and spearheading the development of internal tools. Whether crafting engaging user interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or architecting robust server-side solutions using Node.js and MongoDB, I consistently ensure the delivery of seamless and innovative digital solutions.

    JavaScript TypeScript HTML & CSS Node Js Angular Express Js Mongo DB Ionic React Js Bootstrap
    May 2019 - Dec 2020
    Software Engineer
  • Xitrine Software
  • As a Frontend Developer at XiTrine Software, I specialized in designing and implementing intuitive user interfaces for web applications in the payments domain. I led the development of the Merchant Management System, optimizing dashboards for real-time insights. Additionally, I played a crucial role in enhancing the Switch System's frontend, focusing on performance and error handling. For the Debit Card Management application, I created a user-friendly interface and collaborated with backend teams for seamless API integration. In the Clearing and Reconciliation System, my contributions automated processes, minimizing discrepancies and improving financial reporting efficiency. My achievements include a 20% improvement in user satisfaction through code optimization and positive feedback for visually appealing interfaces. My work demonstrated proficiency in frontend development and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions in a dynamic environment.

    JavaScript TypeScript HTML & CSS Node Js Angular Express Js Mongo DB
    Mar 2018 - Oct 2018
    Web Developer
  • Go Destination
  • At Go Destination, I served as a versatile developer working on a MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js) stack for a comprehensive tour package web application. This platform, akin to MakeMyTrip, offered end-to-end travel solutions encompassing hotel reservations, flight bookings, car rentals, and other services. My role extended to both backend and frontend development, where I managed sub-modules of the application. Notably, I facilitated seamless connections between suppliers and end customers, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, I successfully integrated the Rezdy API, further expanding the application's capabilities and ensuring smooth interaction with third-party services.

    JavaScript TypeScript HTML & CSS Node Js Angular Express Js Mongo DB
    Mar 2017 - Jan 2018
    Web Developer
  • Geet Softwork
  • At Geet Softwork, my initial role in my first professional endeavor was instrumental in honing my skills in Node.js, SQL, and MongoDB. As a key member of the team, I primarily focused on transforming PSD designs into functional web pages. This responsibility not only allowed me to apply and strengthen my technical knowledge but also provided valuable insights into the practical aspects of web development. Working at Geet Softwork laid the foundation for my professional journey, instilling a solid understanding of backend technologies and the intricacies of database management.

    JavaScript TypeScript HTML & CSS Node Js Angular Mongo DB PSD to HTML JQuery


    Context to Call is a business growth solution that enhances end-user experiences and boosts conversion rates. With One-Click Connect icons for calls, SMS, and email easily embedded into websites within 30 minutes, businesses can efficiently manage their communication preferences through a user-friendly dashboard. Supporting over 200 countries, the platform facilitates global expansion. Key features include a comprehensive reports dashboard, low-code integration, advanced point management, and other robust functionalities, providing businesses with a streamlined and effective way to connect with customers worldwide. Context to Call empowers enterprises to build a truly global business venture.


    Softphone is a web application designed to enable users to make calls, send SMS, and receive both calls and SMS conveniently. Leveraging Twilio services, the app integrates robust communication functionalities into its framework. Users can initiate calls and text messages directly from the web interface, and the platform also facilitates the reception of incoming calls and messages. Twilio's reliable cloud communication services likely contribute to the seamless operation of these features, ensuring a scalable and efficient user experience. The utilization of Twilio suggests a commitment to leveraging industry-leading APIs for communication solutions. Softphone provides a versatile and user-friendly solution for interactive and efficient communication.

    Immigration Financial Tool is a product which helps the US attorney to process there tasks easily. I worked on frontend of the application. My role was to first convert the entire application design into reusable components. I also worked on mapping and api integration part for 4 modules of application.

    In my role as a frontend developer for the Immigration Financial Tool, I focused on enhancing the application's usability and functionality. I successfully converted the entire application design into reusable components, employing effective design patterns and frameworks. Additionally, I played a key role in mapping and integrating APIs for four essential modules, ensuring seamless communication between the frontend and backend. Throughout the development process, I collaborated closely with designers and backend developers, prioritizing effective communication and coordination. The end result is a well-structured and user-friendly application, where my contributions positively impacted both the frontend experience and the overall efficiency of the tool.

    This application only runs on virtual machines.

    I have worked on this project from scratch. This platform is basically an interface for a tracking a delivery and creating an order as a merchant. The project is created in MEAN stack and deployed on aws. My role was to coordinate with project manager and convert his requirements into web app.

    This project was basically a data driven project. I had done third party API Integration from woocommerce, shopware 5 and shopware6. The main goal of project was to give a diffrent shop owners( online stores) a common platform to see their customers, orders and other data driven insights. The project was built in node js and sql database with sequilize ORM.